Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow

“Embrace the challenge, not the pain. In pickleball, as in life, every setback is a setup for a comeback. Treat your elbow with care, but keep your spirit in the game.”

10 Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow

If you’re reading this, it seems like you’ve caught the pickleball bug—welcome to the club! As someone who has dealt with tennis elbow, I know how crucial it is to choose the right paddle.

It’s all about finding the perfect match, a paddle that feels like an extension of your arm, minimizing strain and preventing injuries.

Ready to enhance your performance and keep tennis elbow at bay? Check out the best pickleball paddles for tennis elbow to keep your swings smooth and pain-free.


  • Choose a lightweight paddle with a comfortable grip and low vibration to prevent tennis elbow and improve play.
  • Opt for paddles from brands like ProKennex, Engage, and Joola, which are designed with advanced materials and balance to reduce arm stress.
  • Select a paddle that matches your playing style and physical needs, focusing on weight, grip comfort, and hitting ease to enhance performance and prevent arm discomfort.
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    Top Ten Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow

    The best paddles for tennis elbow blend control and power effectively, easing the load on your forearm muscles and tendons. It’s essential to choose a paddle with a grip size that’s comfortable, reducing undue stress on your wrist and elbow.

    ProKennex Paddles

    ProKennex stands out in the pickleball community for those prone to tennis elbow, thanks to their focus on minimizing vibration and impact stress.


    Blackace – Best Pickleball Paddle For Tennis Elbow

    Blackace paddle excels in reducing vibration and minimizing elbow pain, enhancing comfort and focus during play.

    Blackace paddle excels in reducing vibration and elbow pain, ensuring comfort and concentration during your game. Its exceptional vibration control is pivotal to this.

    The ProKennex Blackace is crafted with your health in mind, revolutionizing how we engage with the game. After playing with this paddle, I noticed a noticeable decrease in elbow strain.

    The design focuses on comfort without sacrificing performance. Its materials absorb shock effectively, making it easier to use and helping control vibrations.

    This thoughtfully designed paddle makes playing smoother and more enjoyable, minimizing discomfort with excellent vibration management.

    Want to know more about BlackAce? Read my in depth ProKennex Black Ace Review.

    ProKennex Blackace is a prime example of engineering tailored to enhance playability and player welfare.


    Pro Flight – Great Paddle for Wrist Pain

    Features a wrist-friendly design and balanced weight distribution, reducing the risk of tennis elbow by minimizing wrist and forearm strain.

    Pro Flight paddle features a design that’s kind to wrists, with balanced weight distribution that lessens forearm and wrist strain associated with tennis elbow.

    The ergonomic grip boosts comfort and ensures a secure hold, significantly cutting down the risk of wrist discomfort.

    This combination of design elements makes the Pro Flight a top choice for players who value performance and safety alike.

    The careful construction of this paddle addresses common player issues, proving to be a reliable option for improving your game while ensuring your comfort and well-being.


    Pro Spin

    Tailored for players who favor spin shots, offering a surface texture and materials that enable superior ball control while being gentle on the elbow.

    Pro Spin is another gem in the ProKennex lineup, explicitly catering to players with a penchant for spin shots. Its unique surface texture and materials enable enhanced ball control, which is crucial for players with a tennis background and helps reduce elbow strain(2).

    The Pro Spin adds a strategic dimension to gameplay and prioritizes arm health. Excelling in blending performance with ergonomic design, this paddle, a top pickleball paddle for under $100, is an ideal choice for those looking to improve their game while ensuring comfort and safety, especially for players transitioning from tennis, where such concerns are paramount.


    Pro Speed II

    Reduces elbow stress and minimizes arm fatigue through its vibration-dampening technology and balanced weight distribution

    The ProKennex Ovation Speed II Pickleball paddle is a game-changer, especially for players grappling with elbow pain. Its standout feature is the Kinetic System Technology(3), which is designed to reduce vibrations upon ball impact significantly.

    This technology plays a crucial role in minimizing stress on the elbow, making it ideal for those prone to or recovering from tennis elbow.

    The paddle’s weight distribution also reduces arm fatigue and strain, allowing longer play without discomfort.

    The Ovation Speed II is a fantastic choice for players seeking a high-performance paddle that prioritizes elbow health and comfort.

    Engage Poach Infinity Pickleball Paddles For Tennis Elbow

    Engage’s Poach Infinity series also excels for players dealing with tennis elbow. These paddles merge innovative design with materials that are gentle on the arms.


    Poach Infinity EX

    $152.99 $169.99
    Excels in combining power with comfort, featuring core technology that significantly reduces arm vibration, crucial for managing tennis elbow.

    The Poach Infinity EX model stands out for its power and comfort blend. Its core technology significantly reduces the vibration transmitted to the arm, a critical factor in managing tennis elbow.


    Poach Infinity SX

    The Poach Infinity SX offers a unique balance of speed and control, with design features that effectively reduce elbow strain, making it an excellent choice for players focused on joint health.

    I experience a unique balance between speed and control with the Poach Infinity SX. Its design considerations for reducing elbow strain are evident in every shot, making it an excellent pick for players prioritizing joint health.


    Poach Infinity MX

    $152.99 $169.99
    The Poach Infinity MX combines unique weight and surface technology to offer high playability while being gentle on the elbow, making it ideal for players with tennis elbow.

    The MX variant in the Poach Infinity series brings a unique weight and surface technology combination. It’s designed to offer a high level of playability while being gentle on the elbow, a variety any player with tennis elbow would appreciate.


    Poach Infinity LX

    The LX model, being the lightest in the series, provides superb maneuverability and less elbow stress, ideal for extended playing sessions.<br>

    The LX model is the lightest in the series, offering superb maneuverability. Its lightweight nature means less stress on the elbow, making it an ideal choice for longer playing sessions.

    Joola Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Elbow

    $194.39 $249.95
    Joola's Ben Johns paddle combine lightweight, shock-absorbing materials with ergonomic grips, ideal for reducing tennis elbow discomfort and arm strain.

    Joola’s Ben Johns model is a standout for ergonomic excellence, ideal for those contending with tennis elbow.

    Its use of carbon fiber and fiberglass makes for a lightweight paddle that excels in shock absorption, crucial for minimizing arm strain and preventing injury.

    The honeycomb core of the Ben Johns paddle strikes an optimal balance between strength and lightness to reduce vibration, aiding in alleviating tennis elbow discomfort.

    Its graphite-layered surface boosts shock absorption, enhancing control and speed.

    Ergonomic grips ensure a comfortable fit, reducing the need for a tight grasp and lessening stress on forearm muscles and tendons.

    These features combine to provide precision shots without additional arm stress, making it a top choice for players prioritizing joint health.

    Causes of Pickleball Elbow

    Exploring the origins of pickleball elbow, we see that repetitive actions and particular techniques in the game often lead to overuse injuries like tennis elbow(2), causing intense inner elbow pain, and golf elbow, marked by discomfort on the outer elbow.

    Although these ailments are stubborn to treat, adopting the right practices can largely prevent them.

    Crucial factors include avoiding repetitive arm movements, loosening your grip on the paddle during backhand strokes, and improving footwork to lessen stress on the elbow, shoulder, and wrist joints.

    Engaging your whole body, particularly your hips and shoulders, in your shots can also reduce some of this strain.

    Can a Pickleball Paddle Help With Elbow Pain?

    Absolutely, the right pickleball paddle can be a game-changer for managing tennis elbow. I speak from experience—switching to a lighter, more ergonomic paddle helped me significantly when my tennis elbow acted up.

    These paddles are built to lessen the load on your forearm muscles and tendons, the usual culprits behind tennis elbow.

    It’s not just about the paddle’s weight. The grip is crucial—a softer, balanced grip reduces stress on your elbow, and opting for a larger grip size allows for a more relaxed hold, both of which can alleviate discomfort.

    However, remember, it’s not all about the equipment. Proper technique and taking breaks are equally vital. It’s about striking the right balance with your paddle, technique, and rest.

    Can You Play Pickleball With Tendonitis?

    You can still hit the pickleball court with tendonitis, whether it’sin your elbow or rotator cuff. That pain and swelling are your body’s nudge to say, “Hey, take a break!”

    Give yourself some rest from the game to heal up. Pop an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory if things feel rough—it helps. And catching up with your doctor for tailored advice wouldn’t hurt.

    Keep it straightforward, listen to your body, and you’ll return to playing in no time.

    How Do You Prevent Tennis Elbow When Playing Pickleball?

    To fend off tennis elbow while enjoying pickleball, it boils down to your gear, how you play, and keeping those arms in tip-top shape.

    Start with the right paddle—something light and easy on the arms makes a big difference in spreading out the stress, so it doesn’t just pile up on your elbow.

    When you’re playing, remember to relax that grip and really get your whole body into those shots. Think of moving from your shoulders, not just your arm, to keep the strain off those elbows.

    Building up strength and flexibility can’t be overlooked either. Work those wrists with some light resistance exercises—think bending and stretching with a small weight, aiming for around 30 reps, a few times a week.

    And stretching is your friend, before and after you play, to keep those muscles limber.

    Warm up with some light movements that mimic your pickleball maneuvers to get the blood flowing before you hit the court, and cool down afterwards to keep things moving smoothly.

    How To Find The Best Pickleball Paddle For Yourself?

    In your quest for the perfect paddle, consider its weight as it greatly affects your play style. A lighter paddle reduces arm strain, facilitating quick, agile strokes, ideal for those who prioritize speed and precision.

    Conversely, a heavier paddle may provide more power, suited for aggressive players.

    Also, consider the paddle’s sweet spot; paddles with a larger sweet spot ensure better hits and are forgiving on off-center strikes, beneficial for both beginners and experienced players.

    Look for paddles with comfortable grips and materials that suit your playing conditions.

    Top 10 Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow Conclusion

    Selecting the ideal pickleball paddle is critical for players with tennis elbow or those aiming to prevent it.

    The paddles listed here incorporate cutting-edge technology and ergonomic designs to minimize arm strain while optimizing comfort and playability.

    Brands like ProKennex Kinetic, Engage, and Joola have crafted their paddles to reduce vibration and impact stress, significant factors in tennis elbow.

    By choosing one of these top-tier paddles, players can improve their game and safeguard their health, ensuring many more enjoyable years of pickleball.

    Remember, playing smart is just as important as playing well, and the right paddle can make a significant difference.