Vatic Pro vs Legacy Pro – Which Paddle Should You Use?

vatic pro vs legacy pro

In 2024, the Vatic Pro V7 16mm and the Legacy Pro remain at the forefront of pickleball paddle innovation. These paddles continue to captivate players with their advanced design and cutting-edge materials.

The Vatic Pro V7 stands out with its thermoformed structure and T700 carbon fiber texture, while the Legacy Pro impresses with its own unique take on raw carbon fiber technology.

In this post we’ll dive into each paddle’s unique features, strengths, and nuances, helping you determine which one aligns best with your playing style and preferences in pickleball.

Pros & Cons Of Each Pickleball Paddle

Vatic Pro V7

What we like
High Power: Great for aggressive play
Superior Spin: Enhanced spin control
Balanced Performance: Good mix of power and control
What we don´t like
Adjustment Time: May take time to get used to
pecific Shape: Elongated design not for everyone
Vatic V7
Unmatched power, control, and durability in play

Legacy Pro

What we like
Control Focus: Excellent for controlled play
Spin Ability: Good spin generation
Solid Construction: Durable and stable
What we don´t like
Higher Price
May not satisfy players looking for extremely high power in their shots
Legacy Pro
Superior spin, power, and arm comfort

Vatic Pro Vs Legacy Pro – Which One Should You Use?

Choosing between the Vatic Pro and Legacy Pro depends on your playing style and what you value in a pickleball paddle. This decision is particularly crucial for those seeking pickleball paddles for intermediate players.

In addition to selecting the right paddle, engaging in targeted pickleball drills for intermediate players can further enhance your skills, complementing the strengths of whichever paddle you choose.

If you prioritize power and spin, the Vatic Pro V7 might be the ideal choice. Its elongated shape and raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber face are designed for aggressive play, offering a balance of power, control, and spin.

On the other hand, if your preference leans towards a paddle with a large sweet spot, focusing on control and feel, then the Legacy Pro could be more suitable. Its thermoformed construction and unique core design offer a plush feel and stable performance.

Each paddle offers distinct advantages, so your choice should align with your personal playing preferences, especially when selecting pickleball paddles for intermediate players.

Vatic vs Legacy Analysis

Design and Quality

Have you ever held a paddle and felt that immediate connection? That’s what design and build quality are all about.

The Vatic Pro boasts a raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber face with a sleek, elongated shape that might suit your aggressive playing style.

In contrast, with its carbon fiber thermoformed construction, the Legacy Pro offers a plush yet resilient feel that many players appreciate.

Power and Performance

Are you looking for that extra punch in your shots? The Vatic Pro, with its 16mm core, delivers significant power and pop, making it a joy for those of you who love driving the ball hard.

The Legacy Pro isn’t far behind, offering ample power while maintaining control. Its sweet spot is forgiving, making it a great choice if you’re refining your power game.

Control and Feel

Control is crucial, isn’t it? Due to its poppy nature, the Vatic Pro might take some getting used to, but it offers refined control once you’re dialed in.

If you value a gentle touch and nuanced control, the Legacy Pro could be the paddle for you with its balanced paddle and soft feel.

Spin Capabilities

The Vatic Pro’s T700 carbon fiber surface is engineered for exceptional spin, allowing you to add that extra twist to your serves and slices.

The Legacy Pro also delivers a lot of spin, although it’s not the absolute top in this category. It’s more about enabling you to play the shots you need with the right spin.

Durability and Longevity

Durability matters, especially when you’re investing in a paddle. The Vatic Pro is built like a tank, designed to withstand rigorous play.

The Legacy Pro has faced some durability issues, but it’s backed by a decent warranty, offering peace of mind.

Price Comparison

When considering the price, the Vatic Pro is a valuable choice at $139.99, standing on par with higher-end paddles.

Meanwhile, the Legacy Pro, priced at around $150, also offers competitive features within a similar price bracket.

Both paddles are strong contenders regarding value for money in the pickleball market.

What Was My Experience With Vatic V7 and Legacy Pro?

The Vatic V7 aligns better with my playing style due to its impressive power and enhanced spin capabilities. Its balanced performance suits my aggressive play, and I appreciate the refined control it offers.

While the Legacy Pro has qualities like control and a comfortable feel, it isn’t my primary choice. I still use it occasionally, but the Vatic V7, with its power and spin, remains my preferred paddle for regular play.

Vatic Pro vs Legacy Pro Conclusion

Picking the right pickleball paddle can significantly impact your game, and when it comes to the Vatic Pro V7 and Legacy Pro, you’re faced with two excellent options.

Both paddles shine in their respective areas – the Vatic Pro V7, with its raw power and spin, perfect for the aggressive player, and the Legacy Pro, with its focus on control and a comfortable feel, ideal for those who prioritize precision and finesse.

As someone who gravitates towards a more assertive playing style, the Vatic Pro V7 aligns perfectly with my needs, offering the enhanced spin and power I crave.

However, the Legacy Pro’s qualities shouldn’t be underestimated, especially for players seeking a paddle that excels in controlled play.

Your choice ultimately boils down to what best suits your playing style, ensuring you bring your best game to the court every time.