ProKennex Black Ace Review 

“In every swing with the ProKennex Black Ace, command power and finesse, turning the pickleball court into your canvas of mastery..”


If you’re on the fence about whether the ProKennex Black Ace paddle is the right choice for your pickleball game, this detailed review is here to guide you.

My goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of how this paddle might suit your specific needs in pickleball.

Whether you’re aiming for power in your strikes or finesse in your plays, this ProKennex Black Ace Review  will help you decide if the Black Ace is the key to enhancing your game.

Pros and Cons: Balanced Overview

Exceptional power and control balance
Significant spin potential
Ergonomic and comfortable design
Durable carbon fiber construction
Higher price point
May require an adjustment period for players new to advanced paddles

ProKennex Black Ace: A Fusion of Elegance and Engineering

The ProKennex Black Ace represents an exquisite fusion of sleek design and superior engineering, capturing the essence of innovation in pickleball equipment. Its unique combination appeals to players seeking both aesthetic elegance and technical prowess on the court.

Specifications: Weight, Dimensions, Materials Used

Weight: Approximately 7.95 oz
Dimensions: Length 15.8 inches, Width 7.6 inches
Material: Torray T-700 Carbon fiber
Lightweight design for speed and agility
Durable and responsive construction
Ideal for a balance of power and control
Crafted with precision, the Black Ace boasts a lightweight design, weighing around 7.95 oz, ideal for maintaining speed and agility during intense rallies. Its dimensions, including a 15.8-inch length and a 7.6-inch width, offer a generous sweet spot for players.

The use of Torray T-700 Carbon fiber enhances the paddle’s durability and responsiveness, making it a reliable choice for players seeking a blend of power and control.

The ergonomic design and balanced weight distribution of the Black Ace also contribute to reducing the risk of tennis elbow(1), a concern for many players.

For those interested in exploring more arm-friendly options, check out this guide on the best paddles suited for preventing tennis elbow.

Price Point and Value for Money

Priced at around $250, the Black Ace sits at a higher price point, reflecting its premium build quality and advanced technology.

For players seeking to take their game to the next level, this paddle represents a worthwhile investment, offering a perfect amalgamation of style, innovation, and performance.

Power and Control

The Black Ace excels in delivering potent shots, thanks to its kinetic technology(2) and carbon fiber composite material.

Its power is balanced with remarkable control, allowing players to execute precise shots with ease. This combination makes the Black Ace a formidable tool in the hands of a skilled player.

Spin Capabilities

Equipped with a carbon fiber face, the Black Ace offers significant spin potential. Its textured surface allows for effective spin on the ball, making it easier to execute complex shots like topspin and slice.

The paddle’s spin capabilities add a strategic layer to gameplay, offering players an edge in competitive matches.

Feel and Comfort

The Black Ace’s elongated grip and lightweight design ensure comfort during extended play. Its vibration-dampening system reduces strain on the arm, providing a smooth playing experience.

The paddle’s ergonomic design is particularly beneficial for players who prefer a semi-western grip or have a two-handed backhand.


ProKennex’s reputation for durability is evident in the Black Ace. Its high-quality carbon fibre composite construction ensures longevity, withstanding the rigours of intense pickleball matches. The paddle’s build quality is a testament to ProKennex’s commitment to producing top-tier sports equipment.

Personal Experience and Initial Impressions

man playing pickleball with prokennex black ace paddle

Handling the Black Ace Pro for the first time, its impeccable balance and ergonomic grip immediately stand out. The paddle feels like an extension of the arm, offering a natural and comfortable playing experience.

Its responsive face and well-designed sweet spot facilitate powerful shots without sacrificing control, making it an impressive choice for both amateur and professional players.

Identifying Ideal Player Profiles for the Black Ace

The ProKennex Black Ace caters to a distinct player profile, ideal for those who emphasize power in their pickleball strategy.

It’s especially advantageous for advanced players, including those transitioning from tennis, who can leverage its high swing weight to deliver forceful serves and rapid volleys.

The paddle’s design supports aggressive play styles, suitable for both singles and doubles formats.

It excels in fast-paced gameplay, where power and speed are crucial, and is less suited for beginners or players who primarily focus on soft-touch shots and finesse play.


Who is the ProKennex Black Ace best suited for?

The ProKennex Black Ace is ideal for advanced pickleball players who focus on power-driven play. It’s particularly beneficial for those with a tennis background, leveraging its high swing weight for dynamic serves and volleys. The paddle is versatile and suitable for both singles and doubles play, catering to aggressive players seeking precision and force in their game.

What sets the ProKennex Black Ace apart in design and performance?

The Black Ace stands out with its aerodynamic, sleek design, featuring a refined carbon fibre face and an edgeless construction. It’s known for its exceptional balance of power and control, significant spin potential, and ergonomic comfort. The paddle’s durability, facilitated by Torray T-700 Carbon fibre, makes it a reliable choice for players aiming to enhance their performance with a blend of speed, agility, and responsiveness.

Where can players purchase the ProKennex Black Ace, and what considerations should they keep in mind?

The ProKennex Black Ace is available at various sports equipment retailers and online platforms, including specialty pickleball equipment stores and e-commerce sites like Players should consider the paddle’s higher price point of around $250, reflective of its premium quality and advanced features. It’s recommended to demo the paddle before purchasing to ensure it aligns with the player’s style and preferences.

ProKennex Black Ace Review Conclusion

The ProKennex Black Ace is a remarkable addition to the pickleball paddle market. Its blend of power, control, and advanced technology sets it apart from its competitors.

While its price point is on the higher side, the value it offers in terms of performance and durability makes it a worthy investment for serious players.

Those interested in the Black Ace should consider a demo to fully appreciate its capabilities and determine if it aligns with their playing style.