8 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $100

“Master the court with budget-friendly paddles where cost meets craftsmanship.”

Best Pickleball Paddles Under $100

As a passionate pickleball player, I understand the journey to find the perfect paddle that suits your style and respects your budget.

In this article, we’ll dive into 8 of the best value pickleball paddles under $100, focusing on real-life use and their benefits to your game.

Top 8 Pickleball Paddles Under $100

A good paddle can elevate your game, providing control, power, and comfort, especially for beginners or those on a budget.

So, let’s dive into our top picks for entry-level players, focusing on options in the $100 or less that balance affordability with quality.

Below, you’ll uncover detailed insights into each paddle’s design, materials, and suitability for different play styles.


Vatic Pro Prism V7

Enhances precision and power for aggressive play.
What we like
Superior spin and control
Durable, edge foam-injected build
Offers a bit more stiffness for enhanced power
What we don´t like
It might feel too stiff for players used to softer paddles

The Vatic Pro Prism V7 is a game-changer in the pickleball market, especially for players who play hard and fast.

This paddle, priced under $90, is crafted for durability and performance with its unibody, edge foam-injected design.

It’s a stiffer, more responsive option that suits aggressive players. It delivers high spin and solid control without the plushness of more expensive models like the Hyperion CFS.

Unlike the softer Hyperion, the Prism V7 adds a bit more stiffness and pop to your game—a preferred feature for those looking for a sharper, more precise play.

It’s become a favourite for its balance of quality and affordability, quickly outperforming other paddles in its price bracket.

If you’re after a paddle that hits hard, spins well, and lasts longer than your typical gear, give the Prism V7 a swing. You might find it’s exactly what your game was missing.


Ronbus R1/R2/R3.16

Versatile, balanced, suitable for various playing styles.
What we like
Excellent value for money
Versatile design choices catering to different styles
Robust and reliable in play
What we don´t like
Some models may offer less power compared to high-end paddles

The Ronbus R series paddles deliver exceptional gameplay at an affordable price, rivalling the performance of the $220 Joola Hyperion CFS.

The R1’s hybrid design offers versatility for different playing styles, while the R3’s elongated shape improves reach, ideal for backcourt play.

Many seasoned players have switched to the Ronbus R1 for its durability and consistent performance. Known for excellent control and spin, these paddles offer great value, frequently recommended for both casual and competitive play.

If you’re looking for high-quality paddles without the high cost, consider the Ronbus R series. They’ve been my top choice for months and could become yours after just one game.


Vatic Pro Prism Flash

Lightweight, swift, great for quick net play.
What we like
Lightweight and swift, ideal for quick reflexes
Superior control and spin
What we don´t like
It may lack the power found in more traditional designs

The Prism Flash is a game-changer for those who thrive in fast-paced net play.

With its hybrid shape and aerodynamic design, this paddle feels lighter and quicker, perfect for players needing swift, precise movements.

It offers exceptional spin and control, all while maintaining a lower swing weight for faster reactions.

What sets the Prism Flash apart is its versatility compared to the V7, thanks to its aerodynamic profile. This allows you to swing faster at the net, giving you an edge in quick exchanges. And while the V7 might pack a bit more power and reach, the Flash excels with its agility and responsiveness.

If you’re someone who values speed and control and finds the standard $220 paddles overpriced, the Prism Flash at just $89.99 might just be your new favourite.

It’s crafted to compete with top-tier paddles like the Hyperion CFS, offering similar, if not better, performance at a fraction of the cost. Give it a try—your net game might just level up.


Hudef Viva Pro

Balanced power and control, great value.
What we like
Excellent balance of power and control with enhanced spin
Affordable for its advanced features
What we don´t like
The grip may not be comfortable for all players

The Hudef Viva Pro is a second-generation raw carbon fiber paddle featuring a hot-molded unibody design with edge-foam injection.

It offers a fantastic balance of power, spin, and control, rivalling much pricier paddles in performance.


Bison Summit

Superb spin, elongated design for reach.
What we like
Stellar spin and control, enhanced reach
More budget-friendly compared to luxury models
What we don´t like
It may fall short of power compared to newer paddles

Imagine swinging with the elite features of the 2022 fan-favourite CRBN 1. Still, without draining your wallet—that’s what you get with the Bison Summit.

This paddle boasts top-notch spin and precision, along with an extended design that lets you reach further and hit harder, just like the original.

What’s more, Bison outshines competitors with dependable customer support and a generous six-month warranty. It’s like having the premium model but with a practical twist.


Bison Rampage

Excellent control, precision for strategic play.
What we like
Exceptional control and respectable spin for strategic manoeuvres
Perfect for nuanced plays and subtle techniques
What we don´t like
It is not ideal for players who rely on heavy-hitting strategies

Designed for the tactician’s soul, the Bison Rampage faithfully replicates the CRBN 2’s prowess in control and finesse.

It’s your go-to for mastering subtle plays and delicate shots, boosting your game with its precision-focused build.

While it shines in strategy with commendable spin and control, it’s not the brute force champion in the lineup, so power players might find it lacking when things get intense.


Six Zero Sapphire

Ideal for power play, quick shots.
What we like
Great for those who need fast responses and significant power in their play
Robust and well-designed for the demands of competitive environments
What we don´t like
Some control trade-off for power

Step up your game with the Six Zero Sapphire, a standout offering from the innovative Australian company Six Zero.

This paddle is all about enhancing your spin, delivering significant power, and accelerating hand speed; perfectly suited for players who value speed and force in their play.

With its 13mm thin core, the Sapphire is engineered to prioritize raw power and rapid manoeuvres over more conservative, controlled approaches.


Engage OMEGA Evolution Max

Exceptional control, comfortable for strategic players.
What we like
Exceptional control and comfort
Comparable to higher-priced paddles
Soft, plush feel for strategic play
What we don´t like
Spin potential decreases as grit wears off
May not suit aggressive power players

Engage OMEGA Evolution Max, a standout paddle from Engage, a brand you’ll spot on courts everywhere.

This paddle delivers top-notch control and has a soft, plush feel, rivalling paddles that cost twice as much.

It’s ideal for players who prefer a gentle, strategic approach, enhancing stability and minimizing mistakes.

Whether you’re dropping shots over the net or playing a tight defensive game, this paddle excels. Plus, snag it for under $100 with a discount code and benefit from Engage’s stellar customer service and warranty. Who says you can’t have premium quality without a premium price?

Who says you can’t have premium quality without a premium price?

Is There Really a Difference Between Pickleball Paddles?

Absolutely, there’s a real difference in pickleball paddles, and it’s all about matching one to your game style.

If you’re the type to charge through every game, a heavier paddle can dish out the power you crave. Prefer a more graceful approach? A lighter paddle will give you the control and quick wrist flips needed for precise placement.

What about adding a little zing to your swings? A paddle with a rough texture up your spin game, perfect for those who like a bit of trickery.

And let’s not forget the core—going for a polymer means a softer touch, while Nomex amps up the responsiveness.

Picking the right paddle? It’s like choosing the best partner in doubles: get the match right, and you’ll play your best game yet.

How Many Pickleball Paddles Should I Have?

If you’re really into pickleball, having more than one paddle is a smart move, especially if you play a lot or get competitive.

Think about keeping a go-to paddle that fits your usual style and maybe a backup for those times when conditions change or, heaven forbid, something happens to your main one.

Maybe add a control paddle for those precise, game-winning shots and a carbon fibre paddle for top-notch durability and performance.

It’s all about being ready for anything and having the fun of trying out different paddles.

Plus, it’s super handy to have an extra paddle around for friends who want to jump in and play.

How Do I Choose My Next Pickleball Paddle?

So, you’re pondering your next pickleball paddle? Start by thinking about how you play. If you’re all about power, go for a heavier paddle from a well-respected brand that packs a punch.

If your game is more about control and precision, a lighter paddle with a bigger face might just be your best friend.

For those looking to add a wicked spin to their shots, keep an eye out for paddles with a rough surface.

Don’t forget to pick a grip that feels good in your hand and a core that strikes the right balance between softness and quick response.

Matching these features with your personal play style will help lift your game to new heights.

Best Pickleball Paddles Under $100 Conclusion

We’ve looked at a bunch of pickleball paddles that bring out the best in your game without breaking the bank. The Vatic Pro Prism V7 is a star when it comes to spin, and the Ronbus R series does a great job of balancing cost with performance.

The Bison Summit and Rampage really shine with their extra reach and precision—super for those of you who play a strategic game. And if it’s raw power you’re after, the Six Zero Sapphire has got you covered.

As for top-notch control, the Engage OMEGA Evolution Max is a winner. Always remember, the right paddle feels like a natural extension of your arm and elevates your performance every time you step on the court.