Top 8 Pickleball Skirts with Leggings in 2024

“Dress for success, play to impress—rock the court in pickleball skirts with leggings.”

We all know how pickleball skirts with leggings bring fashion and style to the court, but let’s spice things up a bit.

These aren’t just your average game-day outfits; they’re your secret sauce to looking fabulous while nailing those serves.

Here’s the inside scoop on the top 2024 picks that blend standout style with peak performance.

Get ready to hit the court with confidence and a touch of flair!

Quick Overview: Top 8 Pickleball Skirts With Leggings


Anivivo Pickleball Skirt with Leggings

$33.97 $125
Dynamic Flexibility for Quick Moves

The Anivivo skirt with leggings truly changes the game for anyone with an active lifestyle. Here’s why: it wraps style and function into one sleek package.

Do you know how it goes when you’re in the middle of a game or running, worrying about your outfit’s fit or visibility? Well, toss those concerns out.

The combo of flare skorts with 3/4 length leggings gives you all the coverage you need, so you can move freely without a second thought.

And that high waist? It’s not just for show. It adjusts to flatter your figure, ditching the dreaded muffin top, and stays put no matter how you move.

Plus, those pockets aren’t just handy—they’re a game-changer for stashing your essentials right where you need them.

Perfect for any sport or a simple day out, it’s the practical choice for active women who demand the best of both worlds.


Ekouaer Skirted Leggings

Sleek Fit for Greater Speed

Ekouaer presents a double-layer design that’s both stylish and sensible. The combination of a pull-on skirt and Capri leggings offers extra coverage.

At the same time, the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric ensures you remain comfortable and dry.

The high-waisted, tummy-control feature enhances your silhouette, making these leggings an excellent fit for anyone looking to blend style with comfort.

Whether paired with a tank top or a casual shirt, these skirted leggings adapt seamlessly to your workout and everyday wardrobe.


ANIVIVO Skirted Leggings with pockets

Cool Comfort in Heat of Play

ANIVIVO’s skirted leggings boast a longer flare skirt with shorter leggings, providing both coverage and ease of movement.

The drawstring high waist is great for adjusting fit, and the moisture-wicking fabric ensures you stay cool during intense activities.

With four pockets integrated into the design, these leggings are as practical as they are stylish.

They are a fantastic choice for women who need sportswear that keeps up with their active lifestyle and serves well for casual, everyday wear.


Slimour Pickleball Skirt with Leggings

Extra Coverage for Secure Play

Step onto the court with Slimour’s skirt leggings, where fashion meets freedom.

The side slit ups the style ante, giving you a unique look and better mobility.

Equipped with pocket space for balls and smartphones, these leggings ensure everything is right at your fingertips.

The moisture-wicking, compression fabric keeps you dry. It supports your movements, making these perfect for any sport or fitness activity.

Their elegant design and supportive structure are ideal for women who want to look good and feel great, no matter the activity.


Daily Casual Skirted Capris by Anivivo

Stable Fit for Active Use

Anivivo strikes again with their Daily Casual Skirted Capris, designed for athletic pursuits and everyday elegance.

These capris blend the practicality of sportswear with the aesthetic appeal of casual wear.

The high waist and elastic band minimize the muffin top while offering tummy control for a sleek look.

The integrated flare skorts provide full coverage and are paired with 3/4 length leggings, making them versatile for activities ranging from tennis to casual outings.

Lightweight yet supportive, these skirted leggings are for women who appreciate sportswear that transitions seamlessly throughout their day.


Athletic Knee-Length Skirts with Leggings

Flexible Wear from Court to Street

Xioker’s offering comes with a long-wide skirt that goes beyond the knee for those who favor a bit more coverage.

The high waist and adjustable drawstring provide a customizable fit. At the same time, the skirt’s stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable.

Not to mention, the four pockets are convenient for carrying all your essentials securely.

These are perfect for women who value elegance and functionality in their sportswear and are suitable for everything from yoga to hiking.


Ekouaer Skirted Leggings

All-Day Ease for Extended Use

If you’re after a blend of style and functionality, look no further than the Ekouaer skirted leggings.

These leggings feature a double-layer design, combining a pull-on skirt with capri pants for extra coverage that keeps you stylish without sacrificing comfort.

The high-waisted, tummy-control band smoothly contours your curves, ensuring a flattering look as you move.

Whether powering through a yoga session or hitting the tennis court, the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry.

Versatile enough for a range of activities, these skirted leggings are perfect for mixing and matching with your favorite tops, making them a go-to for any active wardrobe.


Ekouaer Skirted Leggings with pockets

Practical Pockets for Essentials

Another stylish creation by Ekouaer, these skirted leggings emphasize comfort and versatility.

Similar to their other models but with subtle variations, these leggings feature a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that ensures dryness and comfort during active sessions.

The pull-on skirt paired with capri leggings provides stylish coverage, while the high-waisted design enhances your figure.

Perfect for those who mix and match their workout gear with casual tops, these skirted leggings are ideal for women who value functional fashion that keeps pace with their lifestyle.

What’s the ideal length for a pickleball skirt for adequate coverage?

When considering the length of a pickleball skirt, aim for a style that offers enough coverage to move comfortably without worry.

Typically, skirts that fall just above or mid-thigh are ideal as they ensure freedom of movement while keeping you covered during quick lateral movements and stretches.

This length is practical for active play and maintains modesty, so you can focus on your game, not your apparel.

Skirt LengthCoverage LevelMobilitySuitability for Play
Above KneeMinimal coverageMaximum mobilityCasual play
Just Above KneeModerate coverageHigh mobilityCompetitive play
Mid-ThighOptimal coverageOptimal mobilityAll levels of play
Below KneeMaximum coverageReduced mobilityRecreational play

Which fabric is best for breathable, comfortable pickleball skirts with leggings?

The best fabric options for pickleball skirts with leggings are those that combine breathability with comfort. Look for materials like polyester and spandex blends.

These fabrics are not only stretchy, accommodating swift movements and bends, but also excel in wicking moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry during intense play or warm conditions.

Such technical fabrics are crucial for maintaining comfort and performance on the court.

How can I style a pickleball skirt with leggings for both playing and casual wear?

Styling a pickleball skirt with leggings for on-court performance and off-court casual wear is all about versatility.

Choose a skirt in a neutral color like black or navy for easy matching. On the court, pair it with a performance tee or tank top.

Swap the athletic top off the court for a casual t-shirt or a stylish sweatshirt and some sneakers.

This switch maintains your comfort and keeps you looking chic, seamlessly blending athletic functionality with everyday style.

Pickleball Skirts With Leggings Conclusion

Choosing the perfect skirt or skort for pickleball isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling powerful and prepared on the court.

From the sleek design of high-performance skorts to the added confidence from thoughtful features like deep pockets and moisture-wicking fabrics, each piece you wear plays a crucial role in your sports wardrobe.

As you step onto the court, remember that your attire is more than fabric. It’s part of your strategy, boosts your agility, and is a testament to your dedication to fashion and function.

You can indeed have the best of both worlds—performance and style. Whether dashing for a winning shot or enjoying a casual rally, let your clothes reflect your spirit and skill.

So, don’t hold back. Embrace the choices that resonate with your needs and express your style.

You’ve got an array of options that promise to cover you and elevate your game. Pick your match, and let your confidence shine as brightly as your outfit!