8 Best Pickleball Skirts and Skorts

“Show up and stand out—your pickleball skirt should be as bold and dynamic as your game!”

best pickleball skirts

Who said you can’t look smashing while playing hard? Step onto the court with the best pickleball skirts and skorts tailored for those who aspire to win and dazzle simultaneously.

Whether dashing for the clincher or batting the ball back and forth for fun, these garments promise comfort and style.

Ready to find your new secret weapon in wardrobe form? Check out our top picks that will transform how you play and portray yourself in the game!

Quick Overview: Top 8 Pickleball Skirts and Skorts


Ekouaer Lightweight Skort

$99 $125
Durable support for rapid court shifts

This skort screams comfort with its breathable, wrinkle-resistant fabric that’s quick to dry, keeping you cool as you dominate the court.

The two-layer design—featuring a snug bottom liner and an outer skirt—adds a sleek touch to your athletic wear.

It’s excellent for pickleball and versatile enough for running, golf, or any outdoor activity.

The stretchy, lightweight material moves with you, making it a top pick for all seasons.


BLEVONH pickleball skirt with shorts and pockets

Wide fit for comfort during games

Say goodbye to chafing with the long inseam on these shorts that protect your thighs while you play pickleball.

Dive for those tricky shots with everything securely tucked away, thanks to the one big side pocket—perfect for stashing your phone or balls.

The high waist stays put, which means no awkward adjustments during the game.

Ideal for various sports, this pickleball skirt with pockets ensures you stay focused on your game, not your outfit.


Fulbelle pickleball skirt with pockets

Arch support for multi-sport versatility

Ever worried about your skirt flipping during a high jump? Stress no more!

This skort comes with a 2-layered design, keeping everything under wraps while you move freely.

The built-in breathable briefs remove moisture, so you remain dry and comfy.

With no pesky anti-slip strips to worry about, this skirt also has pockets to hold your phone or other essentials, keeping things simple and focused on functionality.


BLEVONH pickleball skirt with shorts

Comfortable design for casual court sessions

Fancy a skort that lets you move freely without the dreaded chafe? This skirt is your go-to.

The long inseam on the shorts ensures your thighs stay unscathed no matter how intense the match gets.

Plus, the mesh shorts have a handy side pocket—perfect for stashing your phone or extra balls.

The high elastic waistband is a game changer; it conceals your midsection while staying firmly in place, so you keep your mind on the game, not your outfit.

Whether swinging rackets in tennis, diving in volleyball or simply enjoying a casual day out, this skort supports your active lifestyle across a spectrum of sports and leisure activities.


BALEAF high waisted skirt

Lightweight agility for quick court movement

Feel chic and sporty with this pleated, flowy back that adds a dash of fashion to your athletic look.

The high waist design offers tummy control, while the three pockets provide ample storage for essentials.

Thanks to the anti-slip strip and inner drawcord, everything stays in place, regardless of activity.

From pickleball to tennis and golf, this skirt blends functionality with style perfectly.


Ekouaer skirt with shorts

$$78.67 – $103.11
Secure fit for confident court play

Keep cool with this moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric, which ensures you stay dry and comfortable during intense matches.

The ruffle outer skirt with built-in shorts offers freedom without worry, and the anti-slip strip means everything stays just where it should.

Whether running a marathon or serving aces, this skort has your back (and front!).


Stelle high waisted skirt

Stable foundation for aggressive play styles

Who said you can’t look good while playing hard? The high waist and thick fabric provide subtle tummy control, while the built-in shorts let you lunge, jump, and sprint confidently.

The deep pockets are just icing on the cake, ready to hold your essentials securely. This skort is about making you feel and look great on the move.


BALEAF high waisted pickleball skirt

$110.86 – $159.95
Energetic support for sustained matches

This skirt makes every match feel like a breeze with its stretchy fabric and cute, flowy pleats.

The wide compression waistband enhances your curves, and the dual inner pockets are perfect for keeping essential items close.

It’s not just comfy; it’s also crafted to keep you moving freely and looking fabulous.

What Is The Difference Between A Pickleball Skirt And Skort?

A pickleball skirt is merely a skirt, serving mainly for style. A skort, however, merges the appeal of a skirt with the practicality of shorts underneath, allowing for more rigorous activity without concern.

This makes skorts practical for pickleball players who want to stay covered while moving dynamically across the court.

The integrated shorts often feature moisture-wicking materials that keep you cool and comfortable.

How To Choose A Pickleball Skirt?

To pick a suitable pickleball skirt, consider the fabric first—it should breathe well and effectively manage sweat.

Stretch is crucial; you need freedom to move without restrictions. Features like built-in shorts and pockets add practicality.

Look for a skirt that fits well and enhances your movements on the court, helping you play your best while feeling confident.

Can You Wear A Golf Skort For Pickleball?

Indeed, you can use a golf skort for pickleball. These skorts are crafted for movement, with qualities that cater well to pickleball’s demands, such as stretchy, moisture-managing fabrics and a snug fit.

The versatility of golf skorts makes them an excellent choice for various sports, including pickleball, providing both style and functionality on the court.

Opting for a golf skort for your pickleball matches can be wise if you appreciate attire that adapts to different sporting environments.

Best Pickleball Skirts and Skorts Conclusion

Choosing the perfect skirt or skort for pickleball isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling powerful and prepared on the court.

From the sleek design of high-performance skorts to the added confidence from thoughtful features like deep pockets and moisture-wicking fabrics, each piece you wear plays a crucial role in your sports wardrobe.

As you step onto the court, remember that your attire is more than fabric. It’s part of your strategy, boosts your agility, and is a testament to your dedication to fashion and function.

You can indeed have the best of both worlds—performance and style. Whether dashing for a winning shot or enjoying a casual rally, let your clothes reflect your spirit and skill.

So, don’t hold back. Embrace the choices that resonate with your needs and express your style.

You’ve got an array of options that promise to cover you and elevate your game. Pick your match, and let your confidence shine as brightly as your outfit!