Lobster Pickleball Machine Review – From A to Z

lobster pickleball machine review

As a seasoned pickleball player constantly seeking to up my game, I recently took on the challenge of testing three Lobster Pickleball Machines. Each model – The Pickle, The Pickle Two, and The Pickle Champion – brings a unique flavor to the court.

In this lobster pickleball machine review, I’ll dive into my hands-on experience with each machine, dissecting their performance and highlighting the pros and cons.

My goal? This is to help you decide if these machines are worth your investment and which aligns best with your pickleball aspirations.

Overview of Lobster Pickleball Machines

The Lobster brand, known for producing some of the best pickleball machines, stands as a beacon of innovation in sports equipment, especially in pickleball. Their range of machines, meticulously designed for the sport, mirrors the kinetic energy of a game known for its brisk pace and strategic depth.

Lobster’s machines(1), reflect the sport’s growing allure, offering precision and adaptability that cater to both novices and veterans of the court.

3 Types Of Lobster Pickleball Machines


The Pickle

Adjustable spin control

The Pickle by Lobster has been a game-changer for my pickleball practice. The adjustable topspin and backspin features allowed me to work on responding to different types of shots.

The elevation control, up to 50 degrees, added a challenging aspect to my drills. I was particularly impressed by the machine’s ability to launch balls up to 60 mph, testing my reaction times and agility.

Its large hopper capacity meant I could have prolonged, focused practice sessions without constant refilling. The machine’s portability, weighing just 35 pounds, was a huge plus, making it easy for me to transport it to different courts.

What we like
Adjustable Features: Topspin, backspin, and elevation settings
Portable: Lightweight and easy to transport
What we don´t like
Limited to 135 balls
Battery Life: Lasts only 2-4 hours


The Pickle Two

Pre-programmed diverse drills

My practice sessions with The Pickle Two from Lobster have been notably advanced and versatile. Its pre-programmed drills, and 2-line feature provides a diverse range of shots, simulating real match scenarios, making you think about pickleball machines’ value.

The electronic elevation adjustment was a great addition, allowing quick changes in shot angles. With a battery life lasting up to 8 hours, I could indulge in extensive practice without worrying about recharging.

This model’s capability to shoot balls with varying spins and speeds was ideal for improving my tactical play. Weighing 42 pounds, its transportability eased moving it across different courts, enhancing my practice flexibility.

What we like
Advanced training options with pre-programmed drills
Long battery life of up to 8 hours.
What we don´t like
Heavier at 42 pounds
Higher price due to advanced features


The Pickle Champion

Realistic game simulation

Using The Pickle Champion by Lobster truly felt like training at a professional level. The machine’s wide range of shot sequences and full random oscillation mimicked playing against a high-level opponent, challenging every aspect of my game.

It’s perfect for those who are serious about their pickleball skills. The ability to adjust ball speed and spin added a realistic touch to my practice sessions, aligning with the professional pickleball ball choices used by top players.

Thanks to its thoughtful design, it was still manageable despite its advanced features. The Pickle Champion is a must-have for anyone looking to train rigorously and improve their competitive play.

What we like
6 pro-style drills
Customizable speed and spin settings
Adjustable, 125-ball capacity, 65 mph max speed
What we don´t like
Higher cost for advanced capabilities
At 44 pounds, less portable

How do you use a Lobster Pickleball Machine?

Utilizing a Lobster Pickleball Machine is an art form akin to mastering a musical instrument. It begins with setting up the machine and ensuring it’s anchored securely on the court.

The key is in the customization – adjusting the speed, frequency, and spin to match your training needs. It’s like having a coach who knows your game inside out.

For beginners, start with slower speeds and less frequent balls. As your skills sharpen, increase the pace and complexity of the shots. This progression leads to an important consideration: are pickleball machines worth it? The answer is yes, given their ability to adapt to different skill levels.

The true beauty of these machines lies in their ability to simulate real-game scenarios – from gentle lobs to rapid-fire volleys. They are not just machines but gateways to elevating your pickleball prowess.

Lobster Pickleball Machines: Comparative Analysis

When we juxtapose The Pickle, The Pickle Two, and The Pickle Champion, the evolution of Lobster’s engineering marvels becomes apparent. Each model is complex and sophisticated, offering a spectrum of experiences from fundamental skill-building to high-octane, strategic gameplay.

The choice hinges on one’s aspiration and level in the sport – whether to build a strong foundation, challenge oneself with diverse playing styles, or hone skills to perfection.

Pricing, Value, and Affordability

The Pickle, with its foundational features, offers great value for those working on their pickleball journey. The Pickle Two, a mid-range machine, balances cost with advanced capabilities.

While on the higher end of the spectrum, the Pickle Champion is an investment in professional-grade refinement. Each machine’s worth is measured in dollars and in its contribution to elevating one’s game.

Which Lobster Pickleball Machine Do We Recommend?

To make a pickleball paddle more grippy, applying a fresh overgrip or using grip enhancement sprays can be effective. Regularly cleaning the grip and replacing it when worn out also maintains optimal tackiness, as recommended by equipment maintenance guides.

Lobster Pickleball Machine Review Conclusion

Each Lobster Pickleball Machine stands as a game-changer in its own right. Whether you’re just starting out or already ruling the courts, there’s a perfect match for you in The Pickle, The Pickle Two, or The Pickle Champion.

These machines aren’t just about firing balls; they’re about igniting passion, honing skills, and pushing boundaries in your pickleball journey. They offer more than just practice; they promise transformation in your game.

So, if you’re ready to step up your play, consider investing in one of these marvels. After all, in the dynamic world of pickleball, staying ahead is not just about playing; it’s about playing smart.