8 Best Pickleball Backpacks and Bags In 2024

“Pack your passion, not just paddles. In the rally of pickleball, every move counts. Carry your gear with pride, and let your backpack be a testament to your game”

Best Pickleball Backpacks in 2024

Searching for the perfect backpack goes beyond mere utility in the vibrant world of pickleball. It’s a blend of stylish convenience with durable comfort, reflecting the player’s personality and needs on and off the court.

As a seasoned pickleball enthusiast, I’ve traversed this evolving landscape, witnessing firsthand the gear transformation to elevate the player’s experience.

The year 2024 offers many options, each bringing its unique flair and innovative design to the table. This guide is crafted to enlighten both the budding enthusiast and the seasoned pro, offering insights into choosing the best pickleball backpacks that resonate with individual styles and requirements.

Top 8 Pickleball Backpacks and Bags in 2024 (Overall)

The 2024 lineup showcases packs that excel in ergonomic design, durability, and thoughtful features, meeting the exacting standards of seasoned players. Each model is rigorously evaluated, ensuring they cater to the nuanced needs of pickleball enthusiasts.

Below, you’ll find a detailed exploration of each of these backpacks. Gain insights into their design intricacies, the materials crafted from them, and how they are tailored to suit various player preferences and styles.


Mangrove Pickleball Bag

Offers a sleek, modern design with ample space, making it ideal for players seeking a stylish yet functional pickleball bag.
What we like
Reversible strap design
Deep and secure side pockets
Water and scratch-proof
What we don´t like
Separate compartments for wet and dry items needed

The Mangrove Pickleball Bag offers a unique proposition, combining inventive features with supreme comfort. This bag is a testament to thoughtful design, integrating elements like insulated water bottle holders and hidden compartments for valuables.

Its superior comfort is attributed to the padded straps and back panel, ensuring a strain-free carrying experience. The bag’s durability is unquestionable, thanks to the high-quality fabrics employed in its construction.

However, its zipper quality might not match the overall robustness, and players may encounter issues with the zippers under heavy use.

The compartment sizes, though versatile, may only partially accommodate some types of pickleball equipment, posing a slight inconvenience for players with specific storage needs.


Franklin Premium Backpack

Features an ergonomic design that comfortably fits all essential pickleball equipment, perfect for both casual and competitive players.
What we like
Thermal pockets for paddles, water bottles, and balls
Padded, air-mesh straps
Dedicated shoe pocket
What we don´t like
Might be to large for some players

The Franklin Pro Tour Bag is a top-tier choice for pickleball enthusiasts, expertly balancing durability and functionality. This bag’s design features multiple compartments, making it a standout for players who value organization and easy access to their gear.

Crafted from robust materials, it promises longevity, though its sturdy build may lean towards rigidity, potentially impacting quick access. Its ample size is ideal for players with extensive equipment but may feel slightly oversized for those who prefer a more streamlined bag.

The strap system, designed for comfort, offers sufficient padding for regular use, aligning well for casual play and competitive environments.

Key specifications include high-quality fabric construction, customizable strap adjustments, and specialized pickleball gear and accessories compartments.


CRBN Pro Team Backpack

Provides spacious and organized storage for pickleball gear, ensuring easy access and durability for regular players.
What we like
Padded, thermal-lined paddle compartment
Main compartment accessible from top/front
Isolated shoe compartment
What we don´t like
Might be to large for some players

The CRBN Pro Team Backpack emerges as a paragon of endurance and capacity. For players who prioritize longevity, this backpack is a fortress crafted from materials that resist the rigors of frequent travel and diverse weather conditions.

Its capacious interior is intelligently segmented, accommodating multiple paddles, balls, and personal items without disorganization. However, the backpack’s robust nature contributes to a heftier feel, and its price point places it in the premium category.

The limited color options might also not appeal to players seeking a personalized aesthetic touch.

Its ergonomic design, characterized by padded straps, ensures comfort, solidifying its position as a top choice for serious players.


Joola Tour Elite

Delivers top-tier durability and space optimization, catering to the needs of professional pickleball players for tournaments and travel.
What we like
Designated pockets for paddles
Thermal insulated racquet compartments
Convertible from backpack to duffle bag
What we don´t like
May be more expensive
Size may be larger than needed for some users

The Joola Tour Elite stands out with its exceptional focus on space efficiency and ease of access. Tailored for the detail-oriented player, it boasts a sturdy construction that promises enduring durability. The bag’s intelligently designed compartments offer swift and convenient access to all your pickleball essentials.

Balancing high-quality features with cost-effectiveness, the Joola Tour Elite provides impressive value, making it a wise investment for players seeking both function and durability in their pickleball gear.


Franklin Sling Bag

Boasts a compact and efficient sling design, ideal for quick access and convenience during intense pickleball matches.
What we like
Plenty of separate pockets
Sturdy and Reliable
Functional, Colorful Accents
What we don´t like
Tight Front Pocket
Small Bottle Holder

Having recently tried out the Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag, I was pleasantly surprised by its practicality and design.

The bag is sleek and compact, yet it fits all my pickleball essentials – from paddles to balls and even personal items. Its dedicated paddle compartment is a standout feature, ensuring my gear is well-organized and protected.

Carrying the bag around is a breeze, thanks to its lightweight structure and adjustable shoulder strap. The material’s durability is also a plus, suggesting it will last through many games and seasons.

For anyone frequently hitting the courts, this bag is definitely worth considering.


Gamma Sports Sling Bag

Combines a lightweight, ergonomic sling design with robust material, ensuring both comfort and longevity for active players.
What we like
Padded adjustable shoulder strap for comfort
Available in various colors with a sleek, sporty design
Durable and affordable
What we don´t like
Sling Design Limitation
Small External Pocket

Embodying the essence of functional ergonomics, the Gamma Sports Pickleball Sling Bag offers a harmonious blend of easy portability and efficient storage.

Its lightweight and streamlined design makes it an ideal choice for players who prioritize mobility and simplicity.

This sling bag is a perfect fit for those seeking a blend of convenience and minimalist style in their pickleball gear.


Outplorer Pickleball Bag

Features a reversible and adjustable design, offering versatility and personalization for players of all skill levels.
What we like
Lots of zipper pockets
Reversible Straps
Durable Material
What we don´t like
May be little small for some users

While I haven’t tried the OUTPLORER Pickleball Bag, its features certainly catch the eye. The bag’s reversible and adjustable design stands out, offering both versatility and style.

The bag seems spacious enough to comfortably hold essential pickleball gear like paddles, balls, and even a water bottle without being overly bulky. The material’s durability is highlighted as a critical aspect, which is crucial for regular players who need a bag that can withstand frequent use.

Additionally, the adjustable strap is a thoughtful addition, allowing for a comfortable fit for various body types.

This bag appears to be a well-rounded choice for pickleball enthusiasts looking for a functional, stylish, and versatile option for their equipment.


Adidas Padel Bag

Integrates Adidas’ signature athletic style and functionality, providing a reliable and fashionable choice for pickleball enthusiasts.
What we like
Spacious Interior
Thermo-Insulated Compartments
Great for multi-sport players
What we don´t like
May be more expensive
Size may be larger than needed for some users

Blending iconic sporty aesthetics with functional design, the Adidas Utility Team Backpack is a favored choice for pickleball players. Renowned for its durable construction, this backpack is designed to withstand the rigors of regular play.

It offers ample space, accommodating all your pickleball essentials with ease. Comfort is a crucial feature, thanks to its padded straps and back panel, ensuring a comfortable carry to the court or during travel.

More than just a gear carrier, this backpack is a statement of style and practicality for the modern pickleball enthusiast.

How Do I Choose a Pickleball Bag?

When selecting the perfect pickleball bag, several factors come into play. Firstly, assess the material quality – you want something durable to withstand regular use and varying weather conditions.

Size and storage capacity are crucial; consider how much gear you need to carry. Look for bags with multiple compartments, which help organize your equipment efficiently. Comfort is critical, especially if you have your pack for extended periods. Look for features like padded straps and ergonomic designs.

Consider also the ease of access to your gear. Some bags have specialized pockets for items like water bottles or shoes, which can be incredibly convenient.

Finally, factor in the price and the value it offers. A slightly expensive bag might be more cost-effective in the long run if it’s more durable and functional.

What Do You Put in a Pickleball Bag?

You should carry two paddles and at least one can of balls for the game in your pickleball backpack. Include a change of clothes for comfort post-match and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Energy bars or fruits are good options for snacks to keep your energy up. Sun protection is crucial, so pack a hat or visor and sunscreen, especially for outdoor play. For unpredictable weather, a waterproof jacket or poncho is essential.

Remember to add personal items like your phone, keys, and wallet, ensuring they are secure during your game.

Do You Need a Pickleball Bag?

Whether you need a pickleball bag depends on your playing frequency and the gear you carry. A regular backpack might suffice for casual players who occasionally hit the courts with minimal equipment.

However, a specialized pickleball bag is a valuable investment for regular players or those who travel for tournaments. These bags are specifically designed to carry pickleball gear, providing adequate space, protection, and organization for your equipment.

They also often have features catered to the needs of pickleball players, like paddle compartments and insulated pockets.

A pickleball bag is not just about carrying your gear; it’s about keeping it organized, protected, and easily accessible.

Best Pickleball Backpacks and Bags Conclusion

So there you have it, folks, my comprehensive look into the dynamic world of pickleball backpacks and bags as we head into 2024. It’s been quite the journey exploring these bags, each brimming with features to suit every pickleball enthusiast.

For me, the standout has to be the Franklin Pickleball Backpack. Its robust build and thoughtful design represent its creation by real pickleball aficionados.

It could be the perfect companion for your next game. Why not try to see how it transforms your pickleball adventures?