7 Best Pickleball Paddle Overgrips in 2024

5 best pickleball paddle overgrips

Ever wondered what sets a pickleball pro apart from the crowd? It could be something as simple as the overgrip on their paddle. Today, we’re diving into the best pickleball paddle overgrips to help elevate your game!

Ready to boost your performance on the court? Let’s get into the world of top-tier pickleball overgrips and discover what can unleash your true potential!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s quickly check out the top 7 pickleball paddle overgrips that we absolutely adore:

Now, let’s get a closer look at each of these contenders.

Top 7 Best Pickleball Paddle Overgrips


Tourna – Best For Sweaty Hands

Tourna Grip shines when the heat is on, boasting incredible sweat absorption. That familiar light blue colour? It’s a badge of trust and quality among pickleball enthusiasts.

Imagine playing in sweltering summer weather, with temperatures pushing 90 degrees. With Tourna’s moisture-wicking prowess, your pickleball paddle overgrips ensure your strokes are steady and secure.

It feels paradoxically dry yet tacky—like you’re literally holding onto confidence.

Favoured by weekend warriors and pros, Tourna is your go-to if sweaty palms are your nemesis.

Dreaming of going pro? We’ve got a guide for that, too! Check out our guide on how to become a pro pickleball player here.

What we like
Superior Sweat Absorption
Stays non-slip
Built to last
What we don´t like
It might feel too dry for some



Gamma Sports grips are all about durability matched with comfort.

Their thicker build provides a cushion for your hands during intense play, with just the right level of tackiness to keep things controlled but not sticky.

Think of it as a reliable friend who ensures your comfort and performance go hand in hand.

What we like
Enhances comfort with a thicker build
Solid grip without the stickiness
Tough against wear and tear
What we don´t like
It could feel too bulky for some
Not the best for highly sweaty hands



Gearbox overgrips stand out with their ultra-thin design.

This minimalist approach lets you feel closer to the paddle, enhancing the directness of every shot while still effectively managing sweat.

What we like
Increases paddle feel and control
Stays grippy in humid conditions
Enhances tactile feedback
What we don´t like
Not great for those who prefer a thicker grip



Yonex Super Grap is a marvel in the overgrip market. It balances tackiness and absorbency to suit a wide range of preferences.

It adjusts to changing weather, ensuring steady play, whether a cool fall breeze or a hot summer game.

What we like
Works well in various conditions
Dependable across different climates
What we don´t like
No options for thickness variation
It doesn’t last as long as some others


Alien Pro

Alien Pro grips dare you to stand out. With a visually striking pattern that boosts grip traction, it feels like you’re harnessing alien technology.

Every touch and move resonates distinctively, enhancing your sensory experience on the court.

What we like
Improves grip control
Unique and eye-catching design
What we don´t like
Pattern may wear out visibly
It could be too tacky for some


V-Dry Grip – Best for the Sweatiest Games

V-Dry Grip is a powerhouse when it comes to handling extreme conditions.

Designed with a technical finish, it offers an improved dry feel and stellar moisture absorption, making it a top pick for players who really push their limits.

Whether you’re battling through the toughest matches or just prone to heavy sweating, V-Dry has you covered.

Available in:
3 Pack, 12 Pack, 30 Packs
Colors: Black, White, Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Fluorescent Orange

This grip isn’t just about practicality—it’s about personality too. Sporting a vivid array of colors, it stands out on the court.

And if you’re someone who loves a pop of color, like pink, against a more muted ensemble (think all-black attire and tattoos), V-Dry Grip lets you make that statement.

What we like
Exceptional moisture absorption
Offers a comfortable dry feel even in sweaty conditions
What we don´t like
The intense absorption might feel too dry for some


Wilson Pro Overgrip-Comfort – Universal Comfort Fit

Wilson Pro Overgrip-Comfort is a versatile champion for racket sports enthusiasts. It comes in a handy resealable pouch, keeping your overgrips fresh until needed.

This package includes a 12-pack of white grips designed to offer exceptional tack and impressive sweat absorption.

These grips prevent your racket from slipping during critical plays and help protect against blisters—a common issue among frequent players.

What we like
Universal fit for various racket sports
Excellent tackiness for a secure grip
What we don´t like
Limited to one color option in the package
Might feel too sticky for some preferences

What Grip Tape Do Pro Pickleball Players use?

Pros often reach for pickleball paddle overgrips like Tourna Grip, known for its excellent sweat absorption and reliable texture.

This preference is rooted in its wide acceptance among professional players across racket sports, including pickleball.

Tourna Grip’s light blue colour isn’t just iconic—it signals a level of trust and quality valued by top athletes.

How Do I Choose a Pickleball Paddle Grip?

Picking the proper paddle grip involves considering factors like grip size and material. A good fit allows for a secure hold without excessive pressure, as recommended by seasoned coaches.

How Do I Make My Pickleball Paddle More Grippy?

A fresh overgrip or a grip enhancement spray can boost your paddle’s tackiness.

Keeping the grip clean and replacing it regularly helps maintain its effectiveness.

Best Pickleball Paddle Overgrips Conclusion

Choosing the right overgrip is crucial—it’s more than just picking a colour or brand; it’s about finding a match that elevates your game.

Among the top choices is Tourna Grip, known for its exceptional sweat absorption and dependable feel.

This makes it particularly appealing for players looking for pickleball paddle overgrips that ensure a secure, tacky grip even in intense play.

With the array of options available, each overgrip offers a chance to transform your approach to the game, proving to be a true game-changer in the energetic world of pickleball.